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Have you ever thought to yourself...

"I  want to be more confident in dealing with conflict resolution and building a more connected and happier team"
"I want to learn how to have difficult conversations"

" I want to be confident in recognising the signs of mental health issues in crew and how I can better support them"
"I want to learn how to be more approachable and how I can better manage the dual relationship of colleagues and friends"
"I want to learn how to manage different personalities effectively"

"I want to gain respect from my crew"
" I would like to work on dealing with pressure and stress coming from my superiors, and how to protect the team I am leading from the outcomes."

Leading people can be challenging and complex. To be a competent leader you need to have a strong understanding of who you are, your strengths and your areas for improvement and know what motivates your team.

Our signature course will allow you to integrate the learning in real time, by getting hands on practice with activities such as team and strength building exercises.

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Your roadmap to Leadership Mastery...

I empower experienced crew who are determined to become exceptional leaders by equipping them with cutting edge leadership skills so that they can become competent and capable leaders.

Let’s be honest, working and living with your team requires a special kind of leadership; from working with different personalities and cultural backgrounds, maintaining consistently high levels of motivation and productivity, to managing a demanding workload.

My leadership course is geared to ensure maximum results through a blended learning delivery. I can guarantee you that after graduating from the course, you will leave feeling inspired and confident in your ability to be a stand out leader.

I know that you are curious, have a love for learning and want to make a positive impact. If you have these admirable qualities then you have found the right leadership course.

In Dolly Parton’s words “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an excellent leader” 

So are you ready to gain leadership excellency?

12 Weeks

This includes 2 implementation weeks to allow for students to put into practise their learnings.

9 Modules

Drip-fed content through our easy to navigate learning platform to ensure manageable workload.

24 Coaching Calls

2 live interactive group coaching sessions per week to work through the course content and current learnings.

Content Breakdown

We compliment our courses with group coaching to fast track results.

Coaching will help you to:

  • Overcome day-to-day leadership challenges
  • Establish self-belief and confidence
  • Find and maintain motivation to reach your leadership goals
  • Openly express your thoughts and ideas
  • Have access to a positive network of leaders
  • Find your zone of genius
  • Identify your visions and goals and a plan for achieving them

We asked some of our students...

On a scale of 1 -10, how much value did you get from the course?

 "TWENTY!!!! Hahaha definitely way more than a 10. ⁠This course has given me way more than I expected and it is so worth every penny and all the time in the world! You have truly been a magnificent coach & leader throughout all of this."
"10 - I got a lot of value from the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it pushed me to think outside of the box, I learnt more about myself, and I improved my leadership skills. I reached my goal to become 2nd stewardess, and I believe working with Karine helped me to reach these goals :)"
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Words from your course leader...

Most of us would have experienced both great leadership and poor leadership at some point in our careers. What I have learnt is that it is not easy being a great leader -  it requires an intricate tapestry of soft skills and a deep understanding of self. Having all the tickets/certificates behind you does not qualify you to be an exceptional leader nor does it automatically command respect. 

In most leadership courses you will learn a lot of leadership theories and styles. While it is important to have an understanding of the theory it is just as important to develop your own leadership style based on your unique strengths and talents. And this is exactly what we do in my signature leadership course.

Our lived experiences and belief systems play a huge part in how we see the world which will subsequently influence how we lead. If we don’t seek to understand ourselves, our values and beliefs we are likely to perform less ably as leaders which in turn will not only impact our professional careers but those whom we are leading. 

Having worked under poor leadership as well as having observed it play out within our industry, this experience was essentially the catalyst for me in developing a course that can guarantee optimal leadership performance. If we can teach leaders how to inspire greatness, not only will we have positive role models, we will also have a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce.

I am thrilled to now have my Advanced Leadership course IAMI and GUEST accredited and I look forward to empowering you with the right leadership training so that you can become the leader you were born to be.


Aleksandra James

"What were your leadership goals prior to doing the program?
- To become a better coach and to better recognise the strengths of my team members, to gain tools to keep the team motivated and engaged.

Do you feel as a result of doing the program your leadership goals have been achieved?
- The course exceeded the expectations and gave me tools to better manage my team, and I definitely will grow as a leader. 

What were the main things you have learnt from the program?
- Thanks to the course, I can better recognise and understand my team members’ behaviours, and sooner address any possible issues. I become more approachable and open towards the team members and their needs. My relations with the team have improved.

What learnings have you applied as a result of doing the program?

- Thanks to the course and the tools I was given, it was much easier to handle the difficult time of covid-19 lockdown and busy operation time. I managed to keep the team motivated and happy. 

What do you believe could be improved in the program?
- I find the course very informative and my coach very supportive. It is difficult for me to point any areas to improve, as I loved the course. 

Would you recommend this course?
-  I would definitely recommend this course to every person managing any team. 

Any further comments or suggestions you would like to add?
- I would recommend the course to the Captains and Heads of Departments in yachting. The industry is lacking in good managers and leaders, who are very needed in a demanding and stressful environment."

Naomi Martyn

"I was surprised how much I really needed some external guidance and support when I wasn't getting it onboard. My confidence started growing again, I got positive and constructive feedback from my workmates, and I learnt so much about myself, and also improved my leadership skills. The best part was seeing me reach all of my goals I set at the start, The way this year has played out showed me to always stay true to yourself, and things will work out, and also, to look at the bigger picture, sometimes you have to take a different route to get to your goal. 

Thank you very much Karine for your support & guidance! I loved the course so much and I'm really proud of how far I've come, my confidence has grown and I reached the goals I set out to achieve with the course :)"

Tiffany Swannack

Looking back on what you have learned thus far in the course, what have been some of your biggest reflections or 'aha' moments?
"- The feedback module: Actually finding out how others perceived me and how they view me. This was so different to how I saw me, there was some constructive feedback as well as positive inputs that I never saw in myself, I was able to take it in, discuss them with you and add them into my SWOT & Johari modules, this helped me overcome/recognise/live with my strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, etc. 

- Delivering and receiving feedback was also a good one, I finally learnt how to deliver feedback as a mirror holder and to not come across in a patronising/negative way when trying to deliver feedback. It has also helped me accept and listen to feedback from others with an open mind and I'm able to self reflect on it and improve it for the future. 

- Limiting beliefs was fantastic - that helped me cancel out the negative self-talk and also made me realise where it stemmed from! I'm now able to set goals, expectations, etc without anything really holding me back in my mind. 

 - Learning how to live and work with people in a more efficient and humble way, recognising body language, listening to them, acknowledging them, etc. 

The conflict module and teamwork made me realise I need to put more effort into practising this. 

The best aha moment is - learning that I can be a great leader and has been a great one this season, thanks for all of the content and resources and your constant support!"


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