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Welcome to The Crew Coach Tribe Membership...

Having been there myself, I know that there are a lot of Crew who are wanting to lead more connected, fulfilling and joyful lives but sometimes we are faced with life obstacles that may hinder us from getting us to where we want to be.
As an ex -yachtie and with my background in psychology and counselling, I have set up this bespoke membership in such a way to ensure that your fundamental needs are met which in turn will allow for you to achieve personal and professional success.

Why join?

The Crew Coach membership is designed specifically for ambitious Superyacht Crew and ex-crew who have a love for learning, are driven to be better versions of themselves and an inspiration to others. Through mini training, access to guest experts, group facilitation and group coaching you have all the resources you need to feed your mind and soul. In addition, the membership will also provide you with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with fellow "yachties" who share similar values and interests so that they no longer feel that they are “in this boat” alone. 
Yachting can be quite isolating at times especially if you on a yacht where you feel like you don’t relate to your peers. As we are in an industry that is very demanding and requires as to make sacrifices and to put our own needs aside, we may tend to neglect our personal dreams and goals. This membership is about rediscovering you, realigning yourself to your strengths and values and reclaiming that sense of purpose and joy. 

Sneak Peek into our community vibe...

Read some of the comments, takeaways, learnings, WINS that our current Tribe members share with us. We all agree that this community is a safe space for all to share and feel connected and supported.

Listen below to our Tribe Bright Members from previous months!




  • 1 Guest Expert Session per month
  • 1 Group Coaching Sessions per month
  • 1 Mini Training per month
  • Access to all materials/content on our bespoke learning platform
  • Access to our paid challenges for free
  • 50% off TCC Masterclasses
  • Access to our Tribe Community



  • 2 months free!
  • 15% Discount on TCC Signature courses!
  • All monthly guest and group sessions
  • Access to all content on our bespoke learning platform
  • Access to our paid challenges for free
  • 50% off TCC Masterclasses
  • Access to our Tribe Community


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